SNU 66800898 | ALLEVYN Gentle Border Sacrum Dressing

Allevyn Gentle Border Sacrum Dressing Canada



ALLEVYN Gentle Border Sacrum Dressing

Smith & Nephew 66800898 | Size: 6 5⁄8″ x 6 3⁄4″ | Box of 10

ALLEVYN Gentle Border Sacrum is a silicone gel adhesive hydrocellular foam dressing incorporating unique triple-action technology. It is comprised of a highly breathable polyurethane top film, a hydrocellular foam layer and a perforated wound contract layer coated with a silicone gel adhesive. ALLEVYN Gentle Border Sacrum has a unique design with three slits in the film at the bottom of the dressing to aid placement of the dressing in the cleft and aid dressing conformability in this awkward area of the body.


  • Top film provides bacterial and waterproof barrier
  • Wider border to help secure the dressing to the sacral area
  • A tail at the end of the dressing to aid with conformability
  • 3 perforated slits to help with placement around the cleft
  • Silicone wound contact layer can be lifted and repositioned without losing its adherent properties


  • Optimal fluid management
    Lowers risk of maceration, extensive wear time and retention, resistant to leakage
  • Provides a bacterial barrier
    May help reduce risk of infection  
  • Extensible and flexible
    Easily molds to body contours and hard to dress areas  
  • Adheres gently to surrounding skin
    Minimal trauma to the sacral area  
  • Excellent flexibility and conformable dressing
    Unique design with a dressing tail to aid dressing conformability and fit to the sacral area
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