Bard 150101 | Dispoz-A-Bag Leg Bag with FLIP-FLO Valve | 9oz | 1 Item

Dispoz-A-Bag® Leg Bag with FLIP-FLO™ Valve | IG | USA



Dispoz-A-Bag® Leg Bag with FLIP-FLO™ Valve

Bard 150101  |  9oz bag  |  1 Pair latex leg straps  |  1 Item

Please note these are sold individually and that a case consists of 48

  • These leg bags are made from heavy-duty vinyl for extended wear, odor containment and leak resistance
  • Each leg bag contains an antireflux valve to help prevent urine backflow into the tubing
  • Bard Dispoz-A-Bag® Leg Bags with Flip-Flo™ Valve are sterile
  • Provides extra security and ease of use with the patented flip-flo drainage valve
  • Provides quality, reliability and dependability
  • Reusable and lightweight.
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