Hollister 9880 | Fecal Collector w/ Flextend Skin Barrier

Hollister® 9880 - Pouches with Flextend (Fecal Collector)



Fecal Collector w/ SoftFlex Skin Barrier

Hollister 9880  |  Odour-Barrier pouch film, Flextend skin barrier  |  Large 12″ ( 30 cm) Pouch length  |  Box of 10

This easy-to-apply Hollister skin barrier and pouch combine to provide basic protection. Attaching easily to a collection device for continuous drainage, it offers security in fecal collection for more convenient bowel care.


  • Designed to contain liquid stool and help protect perianal skin from irritation and maceration caused by fecal discharge
  • Choice of SoftFlex (standard wear) or Flextend (extended wear) skin barriers
  • Cut-to-fit
  • Odour-barrier pouch film available
  • Convenience drain
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