DMR 24220 | Xeroform Gauze Wound Dressing

DMR 24220 | Xeroform Gauze Wound Dressing | Inner Good | USA



Xeroform Gauze Wound Dressing Impregnated w/Xeroform & Petrolatum

DMR 24220  |  2″ x 2″  |  Box of 25

Xeroform Gauze Dressing is a fine mesh gauze occlusive dressing impregnated with petrolatum and 3% Xeroform (Bismuth Tribromophenate). Xeroform is made for use on low exudating wounds. Non-adherent primary dressing maintains a moist wound environment. Clings and conforms to all body contours. This product is available in a variety of sizes.


For use as a primary dressing on low to non-exudating wounds, including:

  • donor sites
  • lacerations
  • burns
  • abrasions
  • skin graft sites
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