DMR 00550E | SilverDerm 7® Antimicrobial Wound Contact Silver Dressing

DMR 00550E | SilverDerm 7 Antimicrobial Wound Silver Dressing | USA



SilverDerm 7® Antimicrobial Wound Contact Silver Dressing

DMR 00550E  |  4″ x 4″  |  Box of 10

SilverDerm 7® Antimicrobial Wound Contact Silver Dressings are sterile, porous, non-adherent, knitted nylon dressings plated with approximately 99% elemental silver and 1% silver oxide. SilverDerm 7 delivers antimicrobial silver ions in the dressing when activated by moisture. The silver ions kill wound bacteria held in the dressing and provides an antimicrobial barrier from bacterial penetration which may help reduce infection.


  • Kills wound bacteria in the dressing.
  • Control of wound bacteria may reduce the risk of wound infection.
  • Reduces pain during dressing changes.
  • May be used for up to 7 days.


For the management of infected and/or painful partial and full thickness wounds, including:

  • Traumatic wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Donor and graft sites
  • Incisions
  • Stage I-IV dermal ulcers (vascular, venous, pressure, and diabetic)
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns
  • Orthopedic external pin sites
  • Vascular access or peripheral IV sites
  • Wound drain sites
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