Brownmed MXM 20435 | Seal-Tight Shower Patch | 1 Item

Brownmed MXM 20435 | Seal-Tight Shower Patch | 1 Item



Seal-Tight Shower Patch

Brownmed MXM 20435 | Seal-Tight Shower Patch | 1 Item

  • Waterproof. Disposable Seal-Tight Shield patches are a secondary or supplemental dressing for keeping a patient’s wound Site or surgical dressing dry as they shower.
  • Transparent. The Seal-Tight Shield is made of Transparent film, permitting a view of the wound Site or bandage to be covered.
  • Site-Specific. The Seal-Tight Shield provides Site-Specific moisture protection over a dressing, catheter, or infusion, ostomy, biopsy or laparascopic procedure. Its 5″ x 8″ size provides 3.5″ x 6″ coverage area.
  • Easy to use. The Shield’s design features medical grade adhesive located around perimeter of patch for reliable adhesion, and a paper release tab and liner that allows for easy removal after showering.
  • Time-tested. Recommended by doctors, Seal-Tight offers you the best watertight protection available. Brownmed created the cast and bandage protection category with the introduction of Seal-Tight in 1989. Its history of innovation gives you the confidence that you re using the most Trusted solution available.
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