3M 1633 | Tegaderm I.V. Transparent Film Dressing With Border




Tegaderm I.V. Transparent Adhesive Film Dressing With Border

3M 1633 | 2-3/4″ X 3-1/4″| Box of 100


  • Waterproof and transparent
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Stays on skin for long periods of time without skin irritation or maceration
  • Promotes moisture evaporation and vapour movement through the dressing to reduce moisture buildup under the dressing when on intact skin
  • Conformable to permit free movement
  • Helps relieve pain associated with dehydration of wound surface and helps prevent scab formation
  • Central venous catheters, including subclavian, jugular, femoral and PICCs
  • For pediatric I.V.s, the 1610 dressing, with colourful bears, provides an ideal solution
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