Coloplast 11803 | Sensura 1-Piece Flat Urostomy Pouch | Cut-to-Fit 10mm – 66mm | Transparent | Midi | Box of 10

Coloplast 11803 | SenSura® 1-Piece Urostomy Pouch | Inner Good | USA


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SenSura® 1-Piece Flat Urostomy Pouch

Coloplast 11803 | Midi 9-1/2″ (24cm) 330ml | Cut-to-Fit 10mm – 66mm (3/8″ – 2-1/2″) | Transparent | Box of 10

SenSura 1-piece urostomy combines the unique SenSura double-layer adhesive with a comfortable and discreet pouch for maximum security and discretion.

With SenSura 1-piece urostomy, the SenSura double-layer adhesive is permanently fixed to the pouch. The whole system is removed and replaced to change the pouch. SenSura 1-piece urostomy is available with a flat or convex baseplate. The broad assortment consists of various pre-cut or cut-to-fit hole sizes which can be customized, and transparent or opaque pouches in a variety of sizes.

•   Standard wear
•   Multi-chambers minimize sloshing
•   Anti-reflux valves prevent urine from washing over the stoma
•   Soft outlet can be connected to urostomy night bag #21365 or any standard night bag
•   Soft cloth on back
• Not made with natural rubber latex

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