Fortis 6300 | Entrust Stoma Paste | 2oz Tube | 1 Item

Fortis 6300 | Entrust Stoma Paste | 2oz Tube | 1 Item



Entrust Stoma Paste

Fortis 6300 | Entrust Stoma Paste | 2oz Tube | 1 Item

Entrust Stoma Pastes with Pectin are formulated to handle high liquid output, as well as thick heavy output. Entrust Stoma Paste is thick, yet pliable for ease in “caulking” around the stoma or filling in gaps, scars, folds and uneven skin surfaces. Can be used to hug the stoma and create a seal that expands to fill the empty space between the appliance and the stoma to prevent leaks. Because stoma size changes throughout the day, the paste helps maintain the seal for added security and user confidence. Entrust Stoma Pastes are specifically created to be less sticky to the touch, and more adhesive to the skin, to create a good seal without unnecessary mess and residue on your fingers.

Additional features:

  • Helps protect the stoma from small nicks sometimes caused from edges of ostomy appliance
  • Skin friendly, helps maintain healthy skin around stoma
  • Both formulas are formulated for sensitive skin
  • No Sting formula contains lower alcohol content
  • Helps minimize leaks due to “pancaking”
  • Can be used with Skin Barrier Rings
  • Safe to use with Fortis and other ostomy brands
  • Latex Free
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