Coloplast 19050 | SenSura Click Magnum Pouch

Coloplast 19050 - SenSura® Magnum High Output Pouch



SenSura® Click Magnum Pouch

Coloplast 19050  |  HCPCS: A4413  |  Green with filter  |  Pouch size: 12 1⁄2″ – 1160 mL |  Flange size: 40 mm |  Transparent  |  Box of 10

SenSura Click High Output combines the unique SenSura double-layer adhesive with a removable pouch designed to accommodate the need for extra capacity.

  • Effective drainage through a big, funnel-shaped outlet
  • Option of outside connection to a night bag, reducing the risk of blockage and ensuring an undisturbed night’s’ sleep.
  • SenSura double-layer adhesive, for security and skin care
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