Coloplast 14422 | Assura Convex Light 1-Piece Drainable Pouch

Coloplast 12620 | Assura® Original 1-Piece Drainable | Midi | Opaque | Cut-to-Fit 10-55mm | No Filter | Box of 10


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Assura® Convex Light 1-piece Drainable Pouch

Coloplast 14422  |  Box of 10

Spiral adhesive for security and skin-friendliness. Assura 1-piece drainable combines a unique spiral adhesive with a comfortable and discreet pouch.

  • HCPCS: A4389
  • Stoma size: 25 mm (1″ )
  • Pouch size: Maxi (11 1⁄4″ – 530 ml)
  • Opening type: Pre-cut
  • Color: Opaque
  • Belt tab: Yes
  • Baseplate type: Light Convex
  • Barrier type: Standard

With Assura 1-piece drainable, the adhesive barrier is permanently attached to the pouch. To change the pouch, the whole appliance is removed and replaced at once.
Assura 1-piece drainable appliances are available with flat, convex light, or convex adhesive barriers. The full line includes transparent and opaque pouches with barriers that are pre-cut (already cut to size) or “cut-to-fit” (meaning they can be cut to achieve a custom fit).

Spiral adhesive, for security and skin-friendliness

The Assura spiral adhesive is a combination of materials designed for security and protection in a spiral structure, for:

  • Secure adherence to your skin
  • Absorption of moisture from your skin – providing skin-friendliness and protection from irritation

A comfortable and discreet pouch

Assura 1-piece drainable has a range of features designed to offer comfort and discretion:

  • EasiClose™outlet – the outlet is easy to empty and clean, and has an integrated Velcro® closure that can be easily tucked away – without the need for a closure clamp.
  • Efficient filter – the integrated three-layer filter neutralizes odor and avoids the risk of the pouch “ballooning,” causing unnecessary bulges.
  • Soft backing fabric – strong and water-repellent, allowing for easy drying after a shower or a dip in the pool.

Convexity for stomas that are difficult to manage

Assura 1-piece drainable is available with two different levels of convexity, designed to help a stoma that is difficult to manage: for example, a stoma that is flush, retracted, or located in a skin fold. It applies pressure on the peristomal skin to reduce the risk of leakage by allowing the stoma to protrude.

Convex light: A solution for flush or slightly retracted stomas, providing extra security through light and delicate pressure on the abdomen.

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