Coloplast 10108 | SenSura Flex Baseplate

Coloplast 10108 - SenSura® Flex Baseplate | InnerGood | USA



SenSura® Flex Baseplate

Coloplast 10108 | Standard adhesive | Cut-to-Fit: 10 – 88 mm | Non-Convex | w/o belt tab | Flange size: 90 mm | Box of 5

SenSura Flex is a two-piece appliance with adhesive coupling, providing the benefits of a one-piece – the unique combination of security and flexibility.
  • The pouch is fixed securely to the SenSura double-layer adhesive baseplate by a strong adhesive coupling system.
  • The adhesive coupling is flexible, allowing freedom of movement and making SenSura Flex comfortable and discreet to wear.
  • The pouch can be removed from the SenSura double-layer baseplate, allowing the pouch to be changed more often than the adhesive baseplate.
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