Sani-Zone | Odor Eliminator/Hand Spray | 1008A | 8oz | 1 Item

Sani-Zone 1008A | Odor Eliminator/Hand Spray | 8oz | 1 Item



Sani-Zone Odor Eliminator/Hand Spray

Sani-Zone | Odor Eliminator/Hand Spray | 1008A | 8oz | 1 Item

  • Hospital formula Sani-Zone™ stands up to the most obnoxious odors with just a spray or two. And it lasts for hours.
  • The mild, squeaky-clean fragrance targets odors particularly associated with decaying organic matter such as: necrotic tissue, urine, feces, and garbage.
  • Our easy to use sprayer is all you need to establish an odor free zone in hospital rooms, nursing homes, bathrooms, and laboratories.
  • Say good-bye to environmentally unfriendly aerosol cans. Sani-Zone™ is free of dangerous fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon propellants.
  • Sani-Zone™ chemically neutralizes and reduces the concentration of the gaseous decomposition products of organic matter in the vapor phase, like meraptans, amines, indoles, ammonia and low molecular weight fatty acids that are responsible for rancid odors
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