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April 25, 2023

Benefits of Theanine Supplements (by Thorne Research) 

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You’ve been hearing about the health benefits of green tea for as long as you can remember. Millions of Americans have also adopted it as a part of their daily dietary regime. But what few know is the science behind what makes green tea so good for you. It predominantly comes down to an amino acid known as l-theanine or simply theanine. 

While you can access the amino acid by ordering green tea at your local cafe, you’ll get more for your dollar when consuming it as a natural health product. Below is a breakdown of the benefits of a theanine supplement and why we recommend Thorne® Research as your preferred theanine resource in the USA.

Four Important Reasons to Add the Thorne Theanine Supplement to Your Health and Wellness Plan

Theanine for Stress and Anxiety

Data consistently shows that stress and anxiety scores decrease significantly (compared to placebo) after just four weeks of l-theanine administration at 200/mg per day. It’s believed that this occurs because l-theanine has a similar structure to glutamate and exerts its influence on your brain by binding to glutamate receptors. In doing so it modulates the level of serotonin (aka “the happy hormone”). If you experience mild to moderate stress and anxiety you may certainly benefit from the theanine supplement by Thorne.

Theanine for Relaxation and Sleep

In one of the same often-cited studies (referenced above) that identified the effectiveness of theanine supplementation for anxiety and stress, it was found that the amino acid promoted better sleep. Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) scores decreased after administration of the supplement. For the uninitiated, the lower the PSQI score, the greater the quality of sleep. Furthermore, subscale scores for sleep latency and sleep disturbance also dropped. Those who took 200/mg of theanine per day fell asleep faster and enjoyed a longer uninterrupted slumber.

Theanine for Mental Focus

Considering the well-studied benefits of theanine supplementation above, the next notable advantage is made clear. People who experience less anxiety/stress and sleep better, are better able to sustain mental focus at work, in studies, and in a variety of other situations that employ creativity. Research backs this as well. Medical News Today reports that people who supplement with l-theanine make fewer errors in tasks that require greater attention. Meanwhile, Psychology Today reports that l-theanine triggers the release of alpha waves, which enhances focus and creativity. This product belongs in the medicine cabinets and pantries of executives and artisans alike. 

Because You Can’t Get Enough from Green Tea

A regular cup of green tea naturally contains about 25 mg of l-theanine. Health-conscious people who want to tap into the above-mentioned benefits of theanine need approximately 200 mgs of the amino acid per day. This was validated by the research referenced earlier in the review of this Thorne Research health product. Each serving is formulated with 200mg of the amino acid. If you try to get it from green tea alone, you’d have to consume 8 cups per day. Unless you don’t mind running in and out of the restroom (assuming that you even enjoy green tea that much), it’s simply not practical to depend upon the beverage to get the amount of theanine your mind and body need.

Buy Thorne Theanine today at InnerGood USA. See the full catalog of Thorne Supplements here.

*Disclaimer: Always consult with your physician before taking any health supplement.

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