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March 24, 2021

What Ostomy Supplies Are Right for Me?

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What Ostomy Supplies Are Right for Me?

Spend less time searching, and more time living…

There’s one side effect to having access to one of the most comprehensive selections of ostomy supply products in the USA (Kirk, link to the U.S. version of this You may feel overwhelmed by the options, which can be a challenge when deciding what to add to your cart. Of course, in the end this is a good “problem” to have because it means that you have choices. But how do you decide which products will serve your goal to live life to the absolute fullest? Your answer, is below.

Practical 4-Step Guide to Deciding Which Ostomy Products Are Right for YOU

1.  Get Advice from Your Physician and WOC Nurse

Even as an online seller of ostomy products in the USA we’re not reticent to make this public service announcement. In fact, it is our responsibility. Before adding anything to your cart, first speak with your physician and the other professionals who have played a role in your procedure and recovery. The latter includes your wound, ostomy, and continent (WOC) nurse. These individuals are the most qualified to make product recommendations. These conversations will certainly paint a clear picture about which types of supplies you will need moving forward.

2.  It Begins With the Appliance

The decision making process all begins with your appliance – the ostomy bag. Again, there is a diverse selection to choose from (Kirk, link to the U.S. version of this on the U.S. market, not just with respect to brands, but in varying shapes, sizes, prices and functionality. Ultimately, it comes down to the procedure that you received. 

Selection of an ostomy pouch system is dictated by the procedure. Did you have a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy? For quick reference, InnerGood has provided a definitive guide on how to choose the best pouches for a colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy. We also have guides to the best appliances for those who have more sensitive peristomal skin (Kirk, link to the recent “IG USA – Stoma Skin Care Tips” article when published).

3.  Picking Your Accessories

Now that you’ve chosen your appliance, it’s time to make decisions about which accessories are right for you. This comes down to a few key factors, including personal preferences (which will develop over time) along with the identification of other health conditions that may arise from having a recent procedure or aggravated stoma.

For instance, if you experience frequent skin irritation around your stoma, you’ll want to keep a healthy supply of recommended stoma skin care products in your cabinet in addition to your purse, bag, or backpack. Another example, applies to anyone who experiences more significant hygiene issues (odor, etc.) than others. If this is you, top ostomy hygiene products will be key additions to your shopping cart.

Lifestyle will also dictate the types and brands of accessories and supplies you need. For example, an avid mountain biker has different accessory requirements than someone who spends most of their recreational time in a swimming pool.

And when it comes to those previously mentioned personal preferences regarding accessories that will develop over time, simply test the waters. For instance, brands such as Hollister (Kirk, link to the US Hollister brand page) have a great line of accessories to try during your activities, as does Coloplast (Kirk, link to the US Coloplast brand page) and Convatec (Kirk, link to the US Convatec brand page).

4.  Subscribe to InnerGood’s Ostomy Supply Information Resource Channels

The great news, is that by finding this article (and blog) you’ve already taken one of your most important steps to discovering which ostomy supplies are right for you. Each week, we deliver helpful articles that answer your questions. By following our blog, along with our social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, (Kirk, link to the US social versions if different )  you enjoy an early look at information about new products as they become available to the U.S. market. You will also get first access with special promotions that will help you find the products you need at a great savings, all of which will help you live your life to the fullest. In addition, we will be sure to alert you when items become available for coverage under specific healthcare programs and insurance policies. Leverage InnerGood USA not only as a place to buy ostomy supplies, but as your one-stop information resource. We’re here, for you.

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