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January 21, 2023

Intertrigo Home Treatment Through Coloplast InterDry

Intertrigo is an inflammatory skin condition that is caused by skin-to-skin friction that occurs within skin folds. It is aggravated by the heat and moisture that accumulates within these folds. It is most commonly found under the belly (abdominal folds), under the breast, between the toes, and where the inner groin meets the inner thigh. 

If you’re living (or treating someone) with intertrigo, you’re unfortunately familiar with the symptoms. These include unrelenting rash, inflammation, oozing, maceration, and crusting. Risk factors vary but typically include diabetes mellitus, hyperhidrosis, and obesity, among other concerns. It is especially prevalent amongst populations living in hot and humid climates (seasonal or otherwise) across the United States. Over 11 million people in North America suffer from the condition. 

While there may be some emotional comfort in knowing that you’re not alone, the data above does little to ease the physical manifestations. That is why you’re online searching for a more effective intertrigo home treatment available in the USA. Everything you’ve tried thus far hasn’t been working. 

Are you ready to put an end to the pain and discomfort? Of course, you are, and InnerGood has got your back with news of the best at-home treatment solution for intertrigo. Below is everything you need to know about Coloplast InterDry.

Why Americans Suffering from Intertrigo Complications Turn to Coloplast InterDry to Alleviate Symptoms and Enjoy Greater Quality of Life


InterDry Targets the Four Primary Causes of Intertrigo

The four primary agents of this inflammatory skin condition include moisture, friction, fungus, and bacteria. At-home treatments that you may have tried include anti-fungal powders, creams, and linens. The problem is that these methods only treat one, maybe two, of the root causes. As a result, aggravating symptoms of the condition remain unresolved. 

Coloplast InterDry, on the other hand was designed to combat all four causes of intertrigo simultaneously via its patented four-fold technology. InterDry features moisture-wicking fabric with antimicrobial silver. The fabric’s wicking feature draws away and translocates moisture and helps reduce friction, while the integration of antimicrobial silver fights both bacteria and fungus. Consequently, patients experience significantly reduced symptoms. Inflammation, pain, rash, superficial reddening of the skin, denudement, satellite lesions, and odor are dramatically eased.

Easy to Buy and Use

This intertrigo home treatment does not require a prescription. It can be purchased online right here and now. But if you’re not yet sure – allow us to explain further how this product is seamless to use.

The Coloplast InterDry fabric is easy to apply within skin folds. After carefully cleaning the impacted area, the pre-cut fabric is placed over compromised skin with the fold. For patients confined to a bed or wheelchair, natural pressure from the skin fold may hold the fabric in place. For active and upward-mobile individuals, the fabric can be better secured under clothing and/or skin-friendly tape. Removal is equally simple. as the fabric can be lifted away for later reapplication (after a bath/shower) or disposal as applicable.

With respect to reapplication, you’ll b pleased to know that each piece of InterDry may be used for up to 5 days. Of course, whether or not you can reapply the fabric is dependent upon hygiene and general skin condition. If the fabric has been soiled (especially for skin folds in the groin area), it must be disposed of. Otherwise, you don’t have to cut and apply a new layer every day. Furthermore, you don’t have to (nor should you) use InterDry with creams and powders. This Coloplast product is a catch-all solution for intertrigo home treatment.

Also for Intertrigo Caused by Skin-to-Device Problems

In addition to skin conditions caused by skin folds, InterDry is also recommended for at-home patients who have intertrigo due to skin-to-device applications. For instance, damaged skin may occur in people who wear (or have fastened) trach ties, blood pressure cuffs, heel suspension devices, cervical collars, and central lines. Watch this YouTube video for instructions about how to apply InterDry for skin-to-device-based complications.

Relief in Less Than a Week!

You’re searching for intertrigo home treatment because you demand a solution that works fast. Your (or that of a loved one) quality of life has been compromised for far too long, and you’re over it. You’ll be elated to learn that InterDry (when used as directed) provides complete and rapid relief of symptoms in just 5-days.

The only thing keeping you quick relief is hesitation. Act now by adding Coloplast InterDry to your cart right here at InnerGood USA.



Do you have any additional questions about this product? Or do you want to find out how to qualify for discounts and FREE shipping? Contact our support today.

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