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January 19, 2024

Hollister Ostomy Accessories for Stoma Care All Year-Round | Ostomy Care Tips

For ostomates, being selective about stoma care products can be the difference between living life to its fullest or feeling restricted. Why? Stoma care is a year-round discipline as you manage various weather conditions and physical activities. It’s crucial to choose the right stoma care accessories that give you confidence and protection, whether it’s the middle of Summer or Winter.

While you’re probably already familiar with the excellence of Hollister pouches and catheters, you might be wondering about the stoma care accessories offered by other brands. As a leading retailer of ostomy supplies, we can vouch for the quality of Hollister’s accessory line. Today, we’re going to highlight some essential products that provide a lot of peace of mind and skin health.

5 Must-Have Hollister Stoma Care Products for Your Summer

1. Hollister Skin Barriers for Healthy Skin

Are you excited to flaunt your bikini or board shorts this summer but worried about past skin irritations around your stoma? Say goodbye to those concerns with Hollister skin barriers.

Hollister’s skin barriers provide secure yet flexible protection. Their newest addition, CeraPlus, includes ceramide, a natural skin protector against dryness. This barrier maintains adhesive properties while infusing ceramide to safeguard your skin’s moisture barrier, promote good peristomal skin health, and reduce water loss from damaged skin. Explore more about CeraPlus barriers and our full range of Hollister skin barriers.

2. Hollister Skin Care Products for an Even Better Peristomal Appearance

Flawless Look High-quality skin barriers are essential, but to ensure ultimate comfort and appearance, you should complement them with suitable skin care products. Since you’re already using a Hollister pouch and skin barrier, it makes sense to keep your routine consistent to prevent potential irritation.

Hollister’s skin care products, including their barrier pastes (Karaya and Adapt), shield your skin from stomal discharge, fill in depressions, and create an even skin surface under the barrier. They also extend barrier wear time, allowing you to enjoy your summer activities without worries. Don’t forget to pick up Hollister Adapt stoma powder to absorb moisture from damaged peristomal skin for better barrier adhesion.

3. Hollister Deodorants for Odor Control

No matter how effective your stoma protection is, the rigors of summer activities may lead to unwanted odors. Stay prepared by keeping Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant in your beach bag. This product acts as both a pouch lubricant and odor neutralizer without relying on perfumes or masking agents, which can introduce additional unpleasant scents.

4. Hollister Adapt Ostomy Belt for Active Living

If you’re an adventurous soul who loves to seize every moment in summer, you’ll be engaging in activities like hiking, kayaking, running, and more. With the right accessories, there are no limits to what you can do. For those seeking maximum activity, a Hollister Adapt ostomy belt is a must-have. These belts come in two flexible sizes to fit your body discreetly and securely.

5. Hollister Cleaners for a Fresh Start

Hollister products have prepared you for countless fun-filled summer days. To keep your stoma clean and irritation-free throughout, consider products like the m9 Cleaner/Decrystallizer, specially designed for urinary drainage systems. The Restore Cleaner is a versatile dimethicone-based cleanser, moisturizer, and protective barrier for skin, offering comprehensive protection for ostomates with urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Additionally, don’t forget to have a pack of Adapt Skin Protective Wipes on hand, ideal for shielding your skin from effluent and adhesive-induced stripping.

Explore the complete range of Hollister products available through Inner Good. Contact us to learn about FREE shipping options across the United States or for any other inquiries you may have. Be ready to make the most of every season with the right stoma care products.

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