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August 3, 2023

Hollister Adapt Wound + Skin Care Products for Ostomates USA

Managing skin irritation around the stoma is a major concern for ostomates across the United States. The maintenance of healthy skin around the stoma is not only important for comfort, it promotes conditions for a better stoma pouch fit, extended wear time, and reduced (or nil) leakage. You know that the right pouches, barriers, and baseplates (etc.) are important in this capacity which is why you purchase Hollister stoma products. However peristomal-specific aftercare is also critical. Remaining loyal to the brand you trust, you now want to know which Hollister wound and skin care products to add to your cabinet. We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of the most popular and effective products in our online store. Let’s review!

Hollister Wound and Skin Care Products to Promote Healing and Maintenance When Living with a Stoma

Adapt Universal Remover Wipes

This conveniently packaged product is made for adhesives and barriers. They effectively remove adhesive residue left by skin barriers or medical tape. Application is seamless, as you simply open the packet and apply it (press or rub) to your skin as you peel off your Hollister pouch. When used regularly, ostomates enjoy reduced potential for skin stripping. And because it is silicone-based and alcohol-free you will not experience a sting when applying the wipes to your sensitive peristomal area. Buy Adapt Universal Remover Wipes today at Inner Good.

Adapt Medical Adhesive Remover Spray

The Adapt Medical Adhesive Remover Spray provides the exact same function as its sibling – Hollister Universal Remover Wipes – but is generally more appropriate for use at home. Those who sometimes struggle to peel back their barrier or tape also find the sting-free spray especially useful. As you peel back the skin barrier or tape border, hold the can so that the arrow faces the base of the skin barrier or tape, and spray until the adhesive releases. It is so effective that you do not need to rinse the skin afterwards. Buy the Adapt Adhesive Remover Spray today at Inner Good.

Adapt Stoma Lubricant

This water soluble product comes in a convenient flip-top bottle. It provides an option for use with a stoma irrigator to lubricate the cone for easier insertion into the stoma. Buy the Adapt Stoma Lubricant today at Inner Good.

Adapt Stoma Powder

This product was designed for managing moisture around the stoma. It is applied after the stoma has been wiped and cleansed (as per the recommended products above) and after the area has dried. All that you need to do is apply a small amount of the powder to irritated peristomal skin area, gently brushing away any excess using your hand (clean hands please!) or a soft tissue. You may reapply as needed, should you have inadvertently wiped away too much. The powder generally sticks solely to the raw area of your skin, and will not be left on dry intact skin. Once done, you may apply your stoma pouch system as usual.  Buy Adapt Stoma Powder today at Inner Good.

Adapt Lubricating Deodorant

Most ostomates are concerned about odor when emptying their pouch system. This colorless and odorless Hollister wound care product neutralizes pouch odors, without masking scents with equally offensive fragrances. An additional benefit, is that it contains a special lubricating ingredient that helps make it easy to empty your pouch completely. To use this product, you simply add one teaspoon full to the inside of your pouch. For optimal effectiveness, you need to use this product each and every time you empty your pouch – so stock up accordingly! Buy the Adapt Lubricating Deodorant today at Inner Good.

Adapt Skin Barrier Paste

This Hollister wound and skin care product manages stoma leakage and abdominal contours. It can be used to fill in (or caulk) the uneven contours around the stoma to create a flatter surface. It also prevents ostomy drainage from getting under the skin barrier. Once the skin has been cleaned and dried and the liner of your new skin barrier has been removed, apply a small bead of Adapt paste at the inner edge of the barrier next to the opening where the stoma will be. You may also apply additional paste to the  areas near the stoma if needed. Buy Adapt Skin Barrier Paste today at Inner Good.

Do you have any questions about Hollister skin care products for peristomal skin? Contact Inner Good USA support today.

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