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October 19, 2021

Benefits of the ConvaTec Natura 2-Piece Ostomy System

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Benefits of the ConvaTec Natura 2-Piece Ostomy System

A one-piece ostomy system is not for everyone. One the surface it may seem as if a product where the bag and wafer are inseparable is more convenient, but at what expense? 

There are innate drawbacks to using a one-piece set-up. For one, a one-piece makes wearers more vulnerable to skin irritations, seeing as the wafer or flange must be swapped out with every pouch change. And when the pouch needs to be changed, wearers must allocate extra time to carefully position the system “just right” around the stoma, or run the risk of leakage and the escape of excess gas. Friends, family, coworkers, and companions quickly become accustomed to one-piece wearer disappearances to the restroom for extended periods of time. Then there’s the fact that one-piece users run through skin barrier adhesives (and adhesive removers) along with hygiene products to mask leaks more often. That seemingly minor inconvenience eventually becomes costly.

If any of the above sounds familiar, it’s safe to say that you’re not satisfied with your current set-up. Subsequently, you’re considering a switch to a two-piece. Two-piece systems offer solutions to the drawbacks addressed above. That said, like with any medical-supply product being sold in the U.S.A. not all options are created equally. Choosing the right brand is vital to successful stoma care. When it comes to 2-piece products you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option that ConvaTec Natura. Let’s review.

Why Ostomates in the USA Are Turning to ConvaTec Natura 2-Piece Ostomy Systems

More Custom and Secure Fit Around Your Stoma

2-piece systems are innately designed to fit more securely around your stoma as they allow you to check that the wafer was cut and applied properly. That’s great, but ConvaTec was not satisfied to rest on the laurels of traditional 2-piece designs. Instead, they wanted to offer those living with a stoma with even greater confidence in their product line.

ConvaTec Natura Two-Piece Stomahesive skin barrier as a prime example. It is malleable, which provides for a more customized fit when compared to all of its predecessors. It also features a plastic coupling ring that allows the stoma bag and skin barrier to snap together for added security. The sound it makes when secured provides added confidence that you can go on about your day without having to worry about leakage or discomfort. This reliable skin barrier has also been fashioned to bond to dry and moist skin alike, which makes it suitable for a work and play, no matter the conditions (heat, humidity, etc.). These specialized Natura Two-Piece systems adhere to the unique contours of your stoma, permitting a personalized and secure fit – and you don’t have to cut the wafer. The latter is a big benefit for ostomates who are constantly on the go!

It’s worth noting that Stomahesive skin barriers are best suited to those with stoma output that is semi-formed to formed. If your output is mainly liquid, then you want ConvaTec Natura Durahesive skin barriers. They are cut-to-fit, but the Durahesive formula with flexible tape collar fits to your contours exceptionally well. However, the feature that really sets this particular 2-piece system apart, is that its skin barrier elevates above the stoma with any output of excessive liquid. This keeps leakage under wraps (so to speak) and protects your stoma and peristomal skin.

Both types of barriers (Stomahesive or Durahesive) leverage ConvaTec’s Moldable Technology to provide the most customized fit possible. It really is an amazing solution.

What About When You Need a One-Time Use Solution?

What about those days when you don’t require a drainable pouch? Whether for a quick trip or another scenario where routine care is not necessary, you want a one-time use solution. Don’t worry, as you don’t need to retreat to a one-piece system. Within the ConvaTec Natura Two-Piece product line you’ll find their 2-piece closed-end pouch. This disposable option is designed for one-time use, and features a premium filter that alleviates buildup of odor and gas. There is no draining required, nor do you have to fuss with an uncomfortable clip. In addition, it fits securely along the contours of your stoma, as it’s compatible with Stomahesive and Durahesive skin barriers.

2-Piece for Urostomates Too

People living with a urostomy have needs that the above 2-piece solutions don’t account for. Fret not, because even if you’re among this class, you do not have to revert back to a one-piece set-up. Like it’s ostomy cousin, ConvaTec Natura’s Urostomy Pouch also features a plastic coupling ring to allow the pouch and barrier to snap together for superior security. It also benefits by coupling with a barrier that employs ConvaTec’s patterned Moldable Technology.

View the entire product line of ConvaTec Natura Two-Piece systems and discover the advantages by placing your order today, via InnerGood USA.

If you have any additional questions about this, or any other product in our U.S. store, feel free to contact our support team. Be sure to ask about how to qualify for FREE shipping!

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