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April 30, 2021

ConvaTec DuoDERM CGF Wound Dressing for Treating Pressure Ulcers

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ConvaTec DuoDERM CGF Wound Dressing for Treating Pressure Ulcers

Also known as bedsores, pressure ulcers are present when there has been localized damage to the skin and/or underlying tissue. It commonly occurs when the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis is pressed together between bones and hard surfaces (furnishing, seating, etc.). When persistent friction, shearing, or other force is present a wound eventually forms. Pressure ulcers typically occur when people are confined to a wheelchair or bedrest for extended periods. If a person is not physically able to spend a number of hours per day away from this confinement the skin is afforded no relief and there is no allotment for healing. The ensuing wounds often lead to significant discomfort, extreme pain, and can have a significant aesthetic impact. Collectively this can also take an emotional and mental toll of patients.

The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) reports that over 2.5 million Americans living in the US suffer from pressure ulcers each year. Is there a solution? Yes, and the answer is found with ulcer management through the application of wound dressing. But the right wound dressing is everything.

One brand that has established itself as a leader in wound management is ConvaTec. Their DuoDERM CGF wound adherent dressing system has been designed solely for the management of exuding wounds such as bedsores. If you’re suffering from this condition you will find peace of mind that your days of pain and discomfort will soon know relief.

Why ConvaTec’s DuoDERM CGF Wound Dressing Offers One of the Most Effective Bedsore Treatment Solutions in America

More Than Cover-Up, this Dressing Promotes Healing Too

Most wound dressings on the market offer little more than a sanitary barrier against bacteria and other contaminants. While ConvaTec’s DuoDERM CGF wound dressing absolutely provides this protection, it offers much more as it directly promotes healing. It is a dressing and treatment solution in one!

When applied during the healing process DuoDERM CGF promotes granulation – the growth of new connective tissue and microscopic blood vessels that form on the surface of a wound. DuoDERM CGF also enables autolytic debridement – a natural process where which the body employs its own enzymes and moisture to re-hydrate, soften, liquefy and remove dead cells, contaminants, and bacteria from the sores. This natural remedy is supported by breathable dressings which contain hydrocolloids – an ultra-absorbing protective seal that protects skin from the environment and draws away exudate from the wound. While there are other dressings that contain hydrocolloids, DuoDERM CFG dressing incorporates a distinctive ConvaTec hydrocolloid formulation that is unmatched anywhere in the U.S.A. For this reason DuoDERM CGF dressing is well-indicated for Stage II to IV pressure ulcers among other moderately secreting wounds in addition to second degree burns and donor sites where skin has been taken to cover a wound on another part of the body.

Provides a “Custom” Fit for YOU

As a protective barrier and promoter of healing processes ConvaTec’s DuoDERM CGF has been formulated to be the most effective wound dressing management product in the U.S. market. 

But is it comfortable? Will it stay on throughout daily activities, or as your road to recovery encourages the introduction of new adventures? In order for it to be and do so, the dressing must fit with the counters of your body where the wound/s exist. It must also provide excellent adhesion, permitting no gaps between the wound/s and dressing. Once again we find what separates DuoDERM CGF apart from the rest. Available in a variety of square and rectangle dimensions there is a size appropriate to the wound/s you live with today, and the smaller ones you have in the near future as the ulcers begin to diminish. The dressings are so comfortable that patients often report forgetting that they are wearing them. ConvaTec DuoDERM CGF dressings are seamlessly and softly molded into place and can be worn for up to 7-days which reduces the need for frequent dressing changes. The latter also mitigates your overall cost of managing bedsores.

View InnerGood’s complete line of Convatec’s Duoderm CGF wound dressing products here. If you have any additional questions, including how to qualify for FREE shipping within the continental U.S. please contact InnerGood support today.

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