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June 20, 2022

Ostomy Supplies Reviews – Coloplast Skin Care Products

As your go-to resource for ostomy supplies in the USA, we sell many Coloplast products. And while the brand most certainly has a diverse offering, we have seen significant consumer interest in their skin care solutions. This comes as no surprise, as approximately 45% of Americans report having “sensitive” to “very sensitive” skin. In comparison, the American Academy of Dermatology reports that nearly 85% experience some form of skin condition. Within this large population is a segment that understands what it’s like to live with the burden of dry, cracked, itchy, and irritated skin more than most – ostomates

An opening in the body (stoma) that allows for the passage of waste (urine or feces) is constantly bombarded with actions (pouch application and removal, etc.) that make it highly susceptible to compromised skin health. For many ostomates, it’s a never-ending cycle that can significantly harm their quality of life. Skin management can get in the way of professional, social, and familial activities and interactions. Sometimes, it can spiral into mild to more severe forms of depression. We want to break this cycle by providing ostomates in America with access to better skin care solutions for their stoma. As a result, InnerGood USA has stepped up to increase our offering of Coloplast skin care products. But before you start shopping, we encourage you to learn about important Coloplast skin care products that ostomates should consider introducing into their stoma care regime.

Top Selling Coloplast Skin Health Products in the USA and Which Ones You Should Choose for Your Stoma Care Needs


This moisturizing cream is formulated with urea and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) for ostomates who experience severely dry, scaly or fissured skin. Urea is a keratolytic agent that breaks down the protein keratin in the outer layer of your skin, which reduces the buildup of dead skin and the subsequent friction and irritation it can cause. AHA has anti-inflammatory properties which help promote blood flow to the skin, which is necessary for cell nourishment and vitality. The product is free of unnatural fragrances, dyes, and preservatives, mitigating the risk of irritation and allergic reaction. Buy AtracTain today via InnerGood USA.

Baza Cleanse & Protect

This pH-balanced, CHG-compatible perineal lotion is for those who suffer from incontinence, which also has applications for peristomal skincare. It provides mild cleansing and moisturizing for your sensitive areas while providing a breathable barrier with odor control properties. Buy Baza Cleanse & Protect today via InnerGood USA.

BedSide Care Body Wash & Spray

This is an essential skin care product for ostomates confined (short or long-term) to a bed or wheelchair. This confinement can lead to pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers are localized damage to the skin and/or underlying tissue that typically occurs when the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis are compressed between bone and external hard surfaces. Bedside Care is a no-rinse deodorizing body wash, shampoo, and incontinence cleanser that you can keep close and apply when needed. Buy BedSide Care Body Wash & Spray from InnerGood USA.


This is a product that every ostomate should have. The non-aerosol spray can be discretely kept in your purse, briefcase, backpack, or fanny pack (they have made a comeback) at all times. HexOn is an airborne odor-killer but boasts a mild and light scent that doesn’t make it obvious. Buy HexOn at InnerGoodUSA.


Like with any sect of the population, some ostomates have skin folds. On their own, skin folds present a complication to skincare. But when they are present near a stoma, the potential for significant irritation grows exponentially. This is where Coloplast’s InterDry comes to the rescue. Its moisture-wicking fabric with antimicrobial silver targets all causes of skin fold and skin-to-device complications. Say goodbye to maceration, erythema, erosion, itching/burning, odor and pain. Buy InterDry from InnerGood USA.

Sween Body Powder

Body powder is essential for absorbing moisture and sweat and is employed to reduce friction and prevent shearing around your stoma. When it comes to these collective applications, there is nary a better body powder than Coloplast Sween. Buy Sween Body Powder through InnerGood USA. 

Sween Cream

Coloplast’s Sween line also offers a moisturizing body cream that will work wonders for peristomal skin and the periphery. The non-occlusive formula does not interfere with tape adhesion, so your appliance and skin barriers will remain secure while the health of your skin is protected. Buy Sween Cream via InnerGood USA.

If you have questions about our Coloplast products, how to qualify for FREE shipping, or anything else, feel free to contact InnerGood USA at your convenience.

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