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June 28, 2023

Best Supplements for Travel by Thorne

If you’re like 85% of Americans (over 286 million people) who are set to travel this summer of 2023, you’ve got big plans for the season ahead. One of those plans, is to stay heathy through it all. As you know, this can be a challenge given that you’ll be exposed to innumerable elements on planes, trains, and automobiles in addition to hotel rooms, campgrounds, Airbnbs, and resort swimming pools. You may also put your body through the ringer amidst national park hikes, scuba lessons, surf sessions, and everything beyond and between. Then there’s the exotic foods and cocktails, so on and so forth. Consequently, you intend to pack something extra in your luggage – natural health products that will protect you from all that may attempt to foil your plans for the best summer ever.

Which are the best supplements for travel that are available in the USA? As the country’s leading supplier of natural health products we have witnessed firsthand how Americans have responded to one product bundle in particular. That’s right, one of the Nation’s most trusted resources for performance health supplements, Thorne Research, has done it again. Below is a breakdown of why frequent flyers, road-trippers, and globe-trotters are turning to the Throne Travel Bundle at InnerGood USA. Let’s review!

How the Thorne Travel Bundle Offers Americans the Best Supplements to Protect Health & Wellness While Traveling this Summer


When traveling in the summer, you sweat. When you sweat, you risk dehydration and the subsequent loss of primary electrolytes including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. On the less consequential end of the spectrum, an electrolyte imbalance may make you feel dizzy, lethargic, and irritable (a problem for travel companions) whereas on the more severe side of things predisposed people may be at risk of coma, seizures, and cardiac arrest. This is where Thorne Catalyte comes to the rescue. This product combines the above electrolytes with B vitamins, Vitamin C, and D-ribose for broad-spectrum repletion of nutrients and cell hydration. Thorne Catalyte can be taken by the whole family (upon physician approval) which makes it ideal for summertime family vacations.

FloraSport 20B

As most Americans know by now, gut health is important to immune function. Americans are also well aware of the fact that probiotic supplementation is critical to promoting gut health and subsequently immune function. The math is therefore quite simple. To protect your immunity when traveling, you must count a powerful probiotic blend in your list of supplements. Thorne’s FloraSport 20B offers exactly that. 

This product delivers a superior blend of Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus acidophilus, and two strains of Bifidobacterium lactis. Together they have shown to support individuals who have high demands on their digestive tract or their immune system due to travel along with the physical taxation and stress that often comes along with it. Further, research has identified that these strains of good bacteria can help stave off traveler’s diarrhea, which is a BIG deal for those venturing into foreign lands. Each serving of FloraSport 20B features 20 billion active cultures.


Your normal sleep-wake cycle (i.e. circadian rhythm) is significantly impaired when traveling. There may be time-zone differences in addition to the disruption of rest from staying in strange accommodations (and beds) and even the excitement of being in new and enticing lands. A lack of quality sleep not only impacts energy levels, it can lower your immunity and set the table for sickness. For these reasons, you require a supplement with melatonin to promote the resynchronization of your sleep-wake cycle. Research indicates that melatonin exerts sleep-promoting action by decreasing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, by improving the ability to stay asleep, and by enhancing the depth of sleep. Each serving of Melaton-3 contains an ideal 3 mg of melatonin.


Looking for the best supplements for travel that are available in the USA? Don’t leave the county, state, or country without adding the Thorne Travel Bundle to your carry-on. click here to add it to your cart at Inner Good today.

Disclaimer: Consult with your physician before taking any natural health supplement.





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