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August 1, 2023

Best Supplement for Summer in the USA | Thorne Catalyte

Summer is in full swing across the USA. Expectedly, we’re more active as a population from June to the Labor Day long weekend as the balmy weather invites us to spend more time outdoors. Research shows that we also socialize 31% more during the season when compared to its polar opposite. Furthermore, we tax our bodies even further by traveling significantly more often and for greater distances through the summer months.

Yet despite being far more active and engaged with others in the summer, the demand for health supplements traditionally rises in the autumn and winter with cold and flu season. As it turns out, we should be adding natural health products to our beach coolers too. It’s actually not a hard lifestyle change to adopt. In fact, the Nation already does so in that the percentage of Americans who frequently eat fruits and vegetables is highest in July before receding as the autumn and winter approach. While that fact is a positive indicator, it’s not enough to provide our bodies with what’s needed to maintain optimal health. The great news, if that you already know this, which which is why you’re searching for the best supplements for summer.

As a leading supplier of natural health products in the USA we have seen firsthand how Americans have responded to one product in particular. That’s right, America’s trusted name in performance health supplements, Thorne Research, has exactly what you need to power and protect your body through the season. Below is a breakdown of why you should consider Throne Catalyte as the catalyst of summertime health and wellness.

How Thorne Catalyte is a “Must Have” Natural Health Supplement for Active Americans in the Summertime

Contains Primary Electrolytes Lost in Summer Activities

Whether playing beach volleyball, biking, hiking, golfing, frolfing, paddling or whatever else floats your recreational boat in the summer, you will be sweating a lot. When you do, dehydration kicks in and you lose primary electrolytes that include potassium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. This concern is compounded by another summertime activity that typically occurs when the daily exercise components are done – Happy Hour! That’s right, the summer months are a popular time for drinking. The same electrolytes (plus phosphate) are also lost when consuming alcohol. Consequently, you need a supplement that replenishes the electrolytes diminished during daily summertime activities. Thorne Catalyte contains potassium (96 mg), calcium (80 mg), magnesium (40 mg), phosphate (485 mg), and zinc (5 mg) in ideal amounts to help you maintain a healthy electrolyte balance.

Contains Vitamins and Minerals to Support Endurance and Recovery

We’ll let you in on a little secret; Thorne Catalyte was primarily designed for athletes. As a result, it provides a powerful B vitamin complex that supports endurance and recovery for even the most strenuous of summer activities. Catalyte’s Vitamin B12 (6 mg) and Vitamin B5 (4 mg) play a major role in producing red blood cells that transport oxygen to all over your body. The latter (B5) is especially effective in converting food into energy, thereby reducing fatigue and weariness after an especially active outing. Meanwhile, Harvard Medical reports that the formula’s Vitamin B6 (2 mg) is known to support immune function and brain health which keeps your body and mind functioning at optimal levels. Vitamin B1 (1 mg) and B2 (2 mg) are also contained within each serving to provide a well-rounded spectrum of essential B Vitamins.

Thorne Catalyte also contains 100 mg of Vitamin C, Not only is it an antioxidant that helps protect your cells against the effects of free radicals, supplementation provides internal defense against the powerful summer sun and its UVA and UVB rays. Increasing your intake of Vitamin C can help mitigate skin irritation, irregular pigmentation, collagen breakdown, and photoaging. On that note, UV radiation is known cause folate photodegradation in vitro and in human skin, which is why folate supplementation becomes more important in the summer. Thorne Catalyte contains 33.3 mcg of folate.

Other beneficial minerals found in Catalyte include Chloride (80 mg), Chromium (15 mcg), and Taurine (500 mg).

Looking for the best supplements for summer? Thorne Catalyte is certainly the must-have among them. Click here to add Thorne Catalyte to your cart at Inner Good today.

Disclaimer: Consult with your physician before consuming any natural health supplement.

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